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Sleuths Mystery Show

About The Show

Who said the mystery of crime is not funny? At Sleuths Mystery, the Orlando’s Dinner Show offers a fun and mysterious dinner that the entire family can join and enjoy (you can also add this to your Disney World packages when you book with us).

Start the night having cocktails & snacks while the visitors mingle with the characters. This is the time that all obstacles are thrown to the ground, while the friendly characters at the Orlando’s Dinner Show do a good job to make sure everybody gets used to one another other. At this stage, it’s also essential to know and observe these people because later they will be asked about the crime. Each show has a distinct concept every time you go. Relying on the plots, guests can stay in group of eight people. This adds more tension during the performance.

The series of sketches is presented to offer the background audience each characters & their possible motivation. All actors have a lot of experience in responding to the public and can mask the guests with humor in their places. The transition of the fluid scene brings together parts of this story and commits crimes. It is left to the public to solve this puzzle.

This show encourages friendship and creativity because each member of the table provides in-depth ideas about what really occurred. The reasons are examined and the personality of the character is questioned. Guests often suggest the most serious direct suspicions for the weirdest and funniest reasons for the crime. Live interactions are expected when theories come together to join the pieces of the puzzle. After dinner you have the opportunity to question the character.

The last chance to judge the character is when dessert is served. Each member receives a pen and paper to write to their best suspect. People who guessed the right killer receive a signal that qualifies them for a special prize. Each performance is based on the same actions.

However, this does not mean that the client still has the advantage of clarifying the subsequent offense.

Sleuth Landing - Orlando vacation packages

What to know before you go

Enjoy 3 courses and unlimited drinks!

You need all the fuel you can get to solve the puzzle. Pay attention to the instructions while enjoying a delicious 3-course dinner with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks. It can’t get any better! First, you can pamper your tongue with a selection of cheeses and cookies, hot and cold snacks and buttered sandwiches.

Choose between delicious wild chickens and a glass full of honey served with sweet potatoes, vegetables and herbs, or a delicious lasagna with four cheeses served with garlic bread and vegetables. What about the mysterious dessert you ordered? Well, it won’t be a big mystery if we tell you what it is, right?

Solve different puzzles each time! There are many detective mystery dinner shows and it’s up to you which one you want to see!

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  • Holidaze in Hallandale


The Sleuths Mystery Dinner event takes place every night of the week.

Opening hours:

  • Wait 2½ hours for the whole experience.
  • Opens from 8:30 AM – 11:30 PM

Duration of the show: 45 minutes.

Medieval Times

About The Show

Orlando Dinner Show offers a variety of cultural themes that may take you to another time or place. This cultural change allows guests to figure & appreciate what has been & is possible. Presented in bold action and colorful costumes, this performance will truly be an extraordinary experience and can be added to your Universal Studios Orlando packages.

Travel back in time with the Orlando’s dinner in the Middle Ages. Discover the brave riders while the guests cheer on their favorite riders. A medieval town was founded with the aim of visiting the city, and after the performance, the guests were taken to a large hall, here they were received by the king & the princess. With a crown of color that matches with the color of chosen gentlemen, the guests are taken to the Grand Area, here the staff prepares the food. The food is offered in a medieval style, but no utensils are provided, giving it a very medieval experience.

The plots is about a skills tournament. Throw the flag, pierce the ring and throw the javelin as the 1st competition. Everything gets hot when the love question arises, while the princess shows her love for somebody, while competitors for this crown attack her dangerously. The battlefield becomes more serious as the knights fight with their weapons to accumulate points and eliminate their opponent. This conversation carries on as the story turns into plot twists and becomes an amazing end. After this show, visitors will have the opportunity to meet Knights and Kings at the Knight Club, here bar & dance floors services are available.

Medieval Landing - Orlando vacation packages

What to know before you go

Spend the night at the Orlando Medieval Times Dinner Show. Sword, tournament art, eagles, incredible knights and many knights: The Medieval Dinner Show has it all. Spend 2 hours with fantastic food, world class players, special effects and wonderful Andalusian stallions.

Experience a true medieval tournament

Give your family an unforgettable “gentleman”! Enjoy the royal hospitality of Princess Catherine and King Charles on a night of medieval food and pleasure. Enter the 11th century castle and witness the exciting battle between good and evil before your eyes. Six knights enter the area in a fierce battle to gain honor. Each of them represents one of the 6 dining rooms. Stand behind your warriors and support him during the tournament!

Enjoy 4 types of banquets

One thing is certain: medieval people know how to organize a festival. Party exactly what you get. Immerse yourself in 4 delicious dishes, suitable for a king! A delicious medieval meal awaits you with:

Spicy Garlic Bread

  • Hot tomato cream soup
  • Fried chicken
  • Sweet butter corn in the stew
  • Potions
  • Special Castle Cake


The Medieval Times is open every day of the year.

Opening hours

  • The specific dinner time will be shown on the ticket
  • Dinner in the Middle Ages begins at age 18 and 20.

Duration: This show lasts approximately 2 hours.

WonderWorks Orlando

About The Show

WonderWorks is a fun and high level science center. This is cheaper than the local amusement parks and is a good complement if you’ve got an additional day or only have a little time to make a vacation plan. It is also an excellent option indoors for rainy or hot days, and can be added to your SeaWorld Orlando packages.

Wonderworks - Orlando vacation packages
Photo by tipsforfamilytips.com

What to know before you go

Here is an overview of what your team may expect from your trip to WonderWorks on your Orlando vacation.

From science

After going through a rotating vortex that may slightly affect your balance, you enter a natural disaster. You may experience a magnitude 5.3 earthquake, feel the wind, be a human lightning rod & see raindrops that defy law of gravity. All of the more than 100 exhibits all through the house are there to be touched and offer children of all age this experience that makes them safe to speak. If you imagine you got what it takes to keep the water cold, try how long you may keep the hands in water at 38 degrees before having to remove it. Who is aware of the number of hands in this water? Gosh!

The Wonder of the second floors

The amazing exhibition continues on the 2nd floors and begins with an extraordinary optical illusion. The bladder lab is full of children blowing bubble big enough to accommodate their parents and the little ones fluttering until another child explodes. Lying on a bed of the nail /exploring various pulley systems that make things heavier or lighter are just some of the options available on the 2nd floor.

Test the launch arm using a soccer or baseball simulators or view how hot or cold it is on the thermographic screen. Do you imagine you know the 80’s comic songs? Put your knowledge to Test, but hurry, because the more time you have to respond, the less points you will get. Shoot some obstacles along the way, test your reflex at light speed or play in the sand & find virtual hidden treasures. If you feel full of this exhibition and more, you are ready to jump into space. It opens daily as from nine AM to midnight.

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