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Blue Man Group is a performance art company formed in 1987, known worldwide for its various stage productions which typically incorporate many different categories of music and art, both popular and obscure, in their performances.

About The Show

Have the courage to live in full color. Blue Man Group is a comedy, a theater show, a rock concert and a dance party in one. This very popular phenomenon offers an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. This is an extraordinary night of entertainment that you will never forget. Don’t miss the show, which has surprised 35 million people worldwide. Blue Man Group: monotonous enemy, a cure for boredom, an engine of happiness and joy. You will experience extraordinary and sensory performances by this group of talented artists from around the world in the heart of the Universal Orlando Resort. Buy your Universal Orlando packages with Orlando vacation home rentals and Orlando hotels to enjoy this amazing experience!

You will be happy, confused, euphoric, excited and will want more. The music is contagious and the fact that there are no dialogues means that people of all nationalities can join and fully enjoy the show. Tickets are available with additional experiences, such as: VIP treatment, which includes backstage tours and VIP tapes, as well as offers for restaurants and shows that include restaurant options. With general tickets, you also have priority over seats in selected City Walk restaurants. Parking is available at CityWalk.

What To Know Before You Go

Created specifically for the Blue Man Group, CityWalk Blue Man Group shows take place in the sophisticated CityWalk Universal Theater, between CityWalk Hard Rock Café & the main entrance of Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. Because this theater was built specifically for lighting, shows, video & audio systems guarantee ideal performance. There’re 1000 places in total, though you can decide where to sit carefully because you’re not aware what can happen.

There’s a “poncho zone”: As the name implies, you must only sit in this zone of the theater when you are ready to pack the poncho! When you sit in the first 4 rows closest to the stage, you may anticipate to be filled with many foreign substances. This zone is very nice. So, if you want to be a bit chaotic, we suggest you sit here because this is the

most interactive zone of the theater. Don’t worry, they will give you a poncho so you don’t have to carry it. All substances utilized in this event are washed from your clothes.

You could save up to 45% on your ticket: if you love to try this fantastic result yourself, we strongly recommend that you book a ticket in advance. This not only guarantees your spot at the fair, but also offers you the opportunity to save money, & who doesn’t want that? By booking your CityWalk Blue Man Group ticket at Direct Ticket Attraction, you may save up to 45% on adult pre-sale prices!

There is a secret entrance: Note you may not be aware that there is a secret entrance to Universal Studios Orlando Florida, which is hidden right behind the CityWalk Blue Man Group theater. If you already have a Universal Orlando ticket, you could go directly to this entrance to go into the theme park. You will find that the road is less frequent than the main entrance & is next to the Rip Rid Rock roller coaster at Universal. So, when you arrive early enough, you could be the 1st in line! There is no reservation office, so you may utilize this secrets ticket only if you have booked the amusement park ticket in advance. After spending a day exploring the theme park, you may walk a fewer step from the CityWalk Blue Man Group.

Get a little more with your ticket: if you book a ticket from the Blue Man Group, you get a free ticket to choose a Universal CityWalk seat. Also Including club registration and priority locations at most of the best restaurants in CityWalk. With so several excellent options, there are many things that entertain you. The delicious chocolate emporium and tasty festive cuisine, The Cowfish & Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville are some of our favorite places to eat at Universal Orlando CityWalk. Do not forget to bring along your ID if you want to enjoy some drinks.

It is not necessary to enter the amusement park to view the show: When you visit Orlando and arrive at Universal CityWalk, be sure to experience the fantastic Universal amusement park, though do not worry if you do not. You don’t require Universal Studios tickets or Universal Studios vacation packages to experience the Blue Man Group shows, as it is sold separately. CityWalk Blue Man Group Theater is situated in Universal CityWalk, so you may experience this lively entertainment area without charge, before sitting down & experiencing the show.

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