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The Volcano Bay Universal Water Park or Volcano Bay is a water park at the Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.

What is Volcano Bay?

With the backing of Universal Parks and Resorts, Volcano Bay replaces Wet ‘n Wild as a water park at Universal Orlando Resort and is the first Universal built by Universal. A spectacular volcano rises over the sunny beach. Palm trees line their path through a beautiful island getaway. This is an oasis in the South Sea right in the heart of Universal Orlando. From exciting slides to deserted waterfalls, Volcano Bay is an unsurpassed water park.

Volcano Bay Schedule

Universal will not notify you if parking hours change after the first launch. This can happen one, two or more times a month. Although we strive to provide you with the most accurate information, the policies and procedures of others may change without notice. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the projections. The Universals’ Volcano Bay ™ work schedule generally begins at 10:00 and closing times vary. Buy you Universal Orlando packages with Orlando hotels and Orlando vacation home rentals to explore more!

Things to do in Volcano Bay

The Krakatau Volcano: It is the heart of the volcano’s bay, you guessed it, it’s a volcano. Volcanoes are literally a necessity. First of all, this is huge, you can even see it from the road. Second, there are many exciting attractions & hidden caves for brave, waterfalls & more. If you often want to go to Volcano Bay, this is your opportunity.

Krakatau Aqua Coaster slide: The Krakatau is the first of its kind in Florida & shoots runners up & down via the Volcano Bay volcano. With magnets, you can push a boat inspired by an uphill canoe. The roller coaster accelerates many times while flying via volcanic waterfalls dotted with water.

Ko’okiri Body Plunge: Those who love emotion will receive a great boost in Ko’okiri Body Plunge. This sliding of the body causes those who dare to fall at an angle of 70 to a slip of 125 feet and end up having a great impact on the end. This trip is also on the Krakatau volcano slide & is believed to be a tribute to the Parks’ Volcano Vol.

Touch to play: Volcano Bay offers each guest a portable Tapu Tapu. This free bracelet keeps you online, opens lockers without keys, asks for food, drinks and souvenirs and plays interactive games throughout the park. Touch-to-play features include controlling the flow of water in Tot Tiki Reef, launching water cannons against the guests that wallow in the Kopiko Wai River, lighting images in the hidden caves of the volcano and more.

Relaxation: among the several exciting attractions, there are several places to relax & rest in the Volcano Bay water Park. One of them is the Kopiko Wai Winding River. The winding & slow river leads guests through a tropical landscape while relaxing in an inner tube. You may equally take a break from the hot sun and rent your cabin, where you can enjoy food and drink during the day.

Eat food: it may be surprising to include food in the list of main activities, but just like at Universal Studios Orlando the dishes inspired by Volcano Bay are not the hallmark of an amusement park. This unique menu includes more than 60 delicious dishes such as curried chicken with coconut, Hawaiian ribs, Poke Poke bowl, pork burgers with barbecue handles and many others.

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Volcano Bay Orlando Rides

The Krakatau Volcano: it’s the heart of the Volcano Bay, the Krakatau (the kra-kuh-TAU), located 200 feet above the theme park. This is the biggest summit in Florida state (no kidding!) And if you go hiking, believe me! The Krakatau volcano is really the most intriguing element of the theme park. From its front it is really spectacular, with flowing waterfalls and transparent views from the slides that most challenge his death. At night time it will give a burning lava effect. The back is opened, having a series of stair leading to the tallest vehicle and many pipes. The garden icons serve as the basis for 4 distinct slides.

  • Krakatau Aqua roller Coaster ride: this typical Florida state family slides is a picturesque national park & a must see! Aqua Coaster sent a canoe for four people, UP, to run through dark corners and turn inside the Park’s Volcano. For the grand finale, you will be sent through the waterfall! The Krakatau Aqua Coaster utilizes linear induction motor tech: the magnet “pulls” its canoe to the side.
  • The Ko’kiri Body Plunge ride: For many of you who’re brave enough to risk, you will experience a seventy degree fall through a trapdoor and descend along a 125-foot-high slide. Your prize will slide through a water pool full of guests!
  • The Serpentine Body Slide Kala and Tai Nui: join Kala & Tai Nui, it’s where the sky and the sea meet, and feel the leaps of faith at the top of the volcano. Two trapdoors simultaneously buried two guests in a transparent braided hose before happily dipping to the turquoise water underneath.
  • Punga Racers: Punga Racers is popular with kids of all age. They sent individual rider on their Mantas Ray mat on 4 lanes through the underwater caves. The 1st pilot to cross finishing line received an aqueous greeting from the Punga racer himself.

The Wave Village: the Wave Village is found at the foot of the Krakatau volcano slide.

  • Waturi Beach: it is a spectacular omnidirectional wave pool slide where visitors can swim & relax in the sand. Also there are many seats on the parks’ beach & the possibility of switching to premium seats (two padded canopy beds, lockers & food and beverage assistants) or 1 or 2 floors of private cabin.
  • The Reef: the adjacent recreational pool offers quieter water for guests and a breathtaking view of cyclists crossing the Ko’kiri Body Plunge transparent tube.

Rainforest Village: Located on the banks of the river, the Rainforest Village gives a place of relaxation and pleasure for guests.

  • Maku Puihi: The first “plate tour” of North America sent a raft for several passengers around three plate-shaped rounds.
  • Ohyah & Ohno slides: these 2 sinuous slides take guests from a four and 6 foot tube through the water to add adrenaline to this three meter deep pool. Also we really recommend it only to powerful swimmers.
  • TeAwa Fearless River slide: the fast-moving slide river has several points to enter and exit. For young tadpole parents who do not want to attend, there’s an incredible beach with a closed place between the Maku Puihi & Taniwha Tube.
  • The Taniwha Tube: these are 4 separate Easter islands inspired by the slide for 1 or 2 riders.
  • Lagoon Puka Uli: This quiet pool with a sandy water beach is the ideal place for younger tadpoles, while the boldest attacks can be found near Ohyah & Ohno.

River Village: a colorful and fun river town for young and old, including younger tadpoles.

  • The winding river of Kopiko Wai: beautiful slow rivers flow through the hidden caves in the volcano, providing spontaneous effects of water and special night lighting.
  • The Tot Tiki Reefs: In this strange playground, there are Maori fountain, slide & volcanoes for children.
  • Runamukka Reef: In addition to the cliffs of Tot Tiki, this vast area of water games is inspired with coral reefs. It is full of sprinklers, slides & more. For older people with younger kids, this could be a place where you rent a cabin (although not much).
  • The Honu Ika Moana: this is a name but 2 different slides for different passengers. The bravest will love to venture Honu, with two large walls that provide some moments when the stomach falls around the ears. Travel on a long and winding journey like old Waturi in the wave of the Ika Moana.

Volcano Bay with toddlers

there are a number of rides at Volcano Bay that can really frighten children. Learn more at www.universalorlando.com before leaving. There are several attractions that are not scary to for younger children to enjoy including:

  • The Taniwha tube is ideal for your toddler and the cord is often very short. The wave group is always a winner and there are life jackets.
  • The Fearless River is also ideal for keeping test tubes with your kids so they can float together.
  • Also the winding river Kopiko Wai is ideal for children traveling alone or as lazy rivers.
  • Tot Tiki Reef and Runamukka Reef are special play areas for young children. You are just a few steps from our base at TeAwa The Fearless River. Your children will definitely want to try it.


Volcano Bay for seniors

There is no senior appeal for the attractions in Universal Volcano Bay. Experiences or rides for seniors at Volcano Bay include:

  • Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slide ™
  • Aqua Krakatau ™ Coasters.
  • Maku Puihi ™ round raft rides
  • Honu ika Moana ™
  • Ko’okiri Body Plunge ™

Volcano Bay while pregnant

Note that there are long lines for the ideal races. If you have back pains, you may not be fit to queue. One walks a lot on concrete and like hard surface. If your leg hurts, this cannot be the best way. There are artificial beaches where you may relax & there are restaurants. Relax on the Lazy river (there are 2, choose the slowest), you can swim or just cross with a ring over your head, relying on how pregnant you are. In addition, the main Wave Pools at the shallows end cools and you will make sure to get the waves without going in far..

Volcano Bay For Special Needs:

For wheelchair users, Maku and Puihi Raft water Ride and Krakatau Aqua Coaster are accessible by lift. Guests arriving in a wheelchair can also use a wheelchair to reach Kopiko Wai Winding, the TeAwa Fearless River, the Puka Uli Recreational Pool, the Karang Recreational Pool and the Waturi Beach.

Guests must meet all the driver’s requirements, which mean maintaining a proper driving experience throughout the experience.

Volcano Bay Tips

Live at the Universal Orlando Hotel with your Universal Studios Vacation packages, ideally at the Universal Cabana Bay water Beach Resort theme /at the Universal Adventure Hotels. While all Orlando hotel guests with Universal Studios tickets can utilize the main entrance to Volcano Bay Water Park in Cabana Bay resort, it is much facilitated to get there if they spend the night in the Cabana Bay.

Purchase multi-day Park to Universal Park ticket with Universal Volcano Bay Park or consider purchasing a Volcano Bay Park Express Pass if you‘re only here for one day. We strongly know that the ideal way to experience Universal’s Volcano Bay Park is to do it for many days.

Create your universal Resort accounts & link your credit cards if you love to utilize the touch function to pay from TapuTapu before going into the park. They find it much easy to drink, eat & be happy, & even hire a locker, if your credit cards are linked to your accounts.

Arrive before the opening of park, specifically if you love to venture the rides. If rising water, especially sensation, has priority, you need first hit it. First, you go with Universal Aqua Coaster, then Ko’kiri Body Plunge & Kala and Tai Nui Serpentine Body water Slides.

Let only 1 person go to the locker areas. This is 1 of the theme parks, though the whole family doesn’t need to spend time in the lockers. Makes everything easier for everyone (including yourself) & let everything disappear from group members.

Bring the locker from the Parks’ entrance. when you like to rid most of the traffic jam, continue soon as you go into the theme water park in 1 of the other positions of the lockers.

Choose your spot when you do not love to rent premium or cabin seats, early arrival is another great advantage: you may pick a first class seat with your seats. Volcano Bay Park gives exceptional seating around the attractions & rides. When you have little kids, you can experience it in the friendliest and smallest pool in the Puka-Uli slide lagoon.

Plan your ride to Ko’kiri Body Plunge and Kala and Tai Nui water Serpentine Body Slide. These three attractions are situated at the summit of Krakatau volcano up to 200 feet. I don’t count my jumps, but it seems to be at least twice as many steps as the rest of the theme park. After all, this is highest peaks in Orlando Florida! Too bad TapuTapu doesn’t count your footsteps!

Attention to those who fear height & claustrophobia. Also we have already mentioned the heights, though for many of you who are worried about tight spaces, you may love to miss the slides with the hatches (& there’re clear sections so you may see what’s underneath)!

Ensure you got great swimmers when you love to rides the drop slides; Ohno & Ohyah. These 2 body slides are put in a pool up to ten feet deep!

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