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Animal kingdom at Disney is the Walt Disney World theme park with attractions and daily and nightly experiences, including Pandora – Avatar World. Many visit this park for Disney World vacation. Detailed information can be found in Disney vacation packages.

What’s Animal Kingdom?

This is an animal adventure theme park located the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, in Orlando. It is owned by the largest theme park in the world, of 580 hectares, owned by Walt Disney Company and branches, experiences and consumer products of the park. Check out Disney World packages for your Disney vacations to Disney’s animal kingdom.

Animal Kingdom Schedule

The hours of the Animal Kingdom are quite stable compared to the Magic Kingdom. The park is open every morning at 9:00 am and closes from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Most of the year is at 5:00, but in busy periods it lasts until 8:00. Extra magic hours are beneficial for all Disney hotel guests. In addition, add 1 to 3 hours to the planned parking time. In Animal Kingdom, additional magic lessons in most weeks include mornings (usually Mondays) and evenings (usually Fridays). However, in the busy months you can expect two in the morning and one night. Disney spent only 6 months. A list of current hours can be found on the Animal Kingdom website.

Things to Do In Animal Kingdom

Flight of Wonder: Let me start by mentioning that this program is not for all, though if you do not fear birds, you should try. The event is focused on unusual abilities of several birds. You will find the birds flying freely over the heads of the guests. The birds even landed on selected participants then they return to the stage. Here visitors have the opportunity to see many other species of raptors and birds. This performance is beautiful, very fun and educational. It’s a pleasant respite from an exhausting day at the amusement park.

Visit Kali River rapids Times: this attraction is ideal for summer. It’s a traditional trip with a family raft. The difference is that this trip has a cause. The journey begins far in the Kali rainforest with steady waters. The journey continues through the rainforest, it grows as the speed of the turbulent waters increases. This ride took visitors to an illegal logging in the center of the rainforest, which shows the negative impact of people on nature.

Pandora: Pandora must be on the list. Also even though you do not like to drive anything, the line is very long or the vehicle is not yours, you must visit the Pandora. The company works very hard to give visitors the desire of visiting a strange world. The world of plants consists of a mixture of tropical plants native to various places on earth and native plants (fake plants) of Pandora, all of which are of their own volition for this world. During night hours, the whole atmosphere shines with color.

Finding Nemo – The Musical: If you have children who are fans of Finding Nemo, you are probably ready for this event. It’s like a movie, but with dolls and music.

Kilimanjaro Safari: Like Disney, this attraction has a story. Visitors are loaded onto a real truck that looks like a jeep of safari. They will take you to several places in Africa: forests, Nile and savannas. This ride is like a real safari ride in Africa, only the animals you see are guaranteed. There are not two trips that are always the same.

Dinosaurs: this is one of the most intense attractions produced by Disney. The main theme here is to visit the research facilities that took place during the period of the ride. While preparing to get into the vehicle, one of the many scientists tells you, that he reprogrammed the settings so that the car scout returns at the time just before the hitting of the meteorite. The aim is to return a particular dinosaur that you marked in the previous mission.

Everest Expedition: This is a roller coaster ride with a surprise. Like many other Disney coasters, it is happening in the mountain. The Guests enter the old train, which seems like a better day. As soon as the ride begins, you will see that there is something wrong. Yeti signs are everywhere. As you are waiting in the queue, you will be verbally abused by the evidence of attacks by Yeti supporters.

Festival of the Lion King: this attraction, which is in the African garden, animates the various elements of the film. The guests sat around the stage. The players came from different parts of the store and even walked directly from the guests. This event has something for everyone; Singing, dancing, acrobatics, comedy and romance. If your children can watch movies, they can deal with this program.

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The Character Of The Animal Kingdom

Certain figures can only be fulfilled in the Animal Kingdom. If it’s on your list, you should plan the steps you need. The characters that you can only know for free in Animal Kingdom are:

  • Launchpad McQuack
  • Timon
  • Rafiki
  • Pocahontas
  • Russell and Dug
  • Scrooge McDuck

Animal Kingdom Rides

Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World presents nature, animals and adventure. Although most parks and interesting places have African motifs, you will also find animals from the past that appear in shows and attractions.

Avatar flight of Passage: Avatar Passage is a part of the Pandora. Avatar world in the Disney Animal Kingdom. The Pandora happens to be a very similar to Earth, not precisely like Earth. Also on this exciting journey you can admire the views of the Pandora moon. Your exciting and exotic journey will bring you through the water, the trees and the creatures behind these winged creatures in this transition ritual for Na’vi hunters. The drivers of Avatar flight of passage must be at the least tall by 44 inches.

Na’vi River journey: traveling on this attraction to the world of Pandora brings you far into a bright jungle of two colors by woven boat. While traveling to find Na’vi shaman, you will feel surrounded by tropical forests, darkness and unusual light effects. It’s a peaceful and slow journey that smaller guests like.

The Gorilla falls exploration trail: this trail will take you to the African world nature and it is not difficult to suspect that the kings of this path are gorillas. But you can also see hippos underwater and many exotic birds, walking through the savannas and the forest. The entire experience will make you feel impressed by Africa.

Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs are a fun trip forever, at the least for age of dinosaurs. You will visit the Earth the day a great meteor hits the planet, destroying all the planet’s dinosaurs. So your task is to locate and secure the iguanado before meteor reaches Earth. Drive a twelve-time Time Rover for a wild ride all through a dark forest accompanied by meteorites hitting the ground on the way to the finish line. It is a scary and dark journey, and kids must measure at the least 40 inches to run Time Rover.

“Lion King Festival”: the Camp Minnie Mickey area of ​​the Disney Animal Kingdom theme park has a unique surprise. “Lion King Festival” is a 30 minute musical show based on the movie “The Lion King” and is suitable for all ages. Colorful and Broadway productions take place in air-conditioned theaters, where guests sit on low stadium chairs.

Kilimanjaro Safari: drive a safari vehicle through the terrain and let Disney take you on an adventure that only Disney can do. During the safari on Kilimanjaro, the guide will show African wild animals. Zebras, rhinos, lions and giraffes, and all you need to do are shoot; image. Be prepared for the entertainment of the “guide”. His adventure is interrupted by a “danger”, like the real one, which threatens the world population of wild animals. During the safari, you will travel a wide gravel road, crossing shallow waterways and crossing dense vegetation to get a spectacular view of the vast savannah. Before your adventure ends, you’ll see a mound of termites up to 20 meters high, avoiding a geyser that spits 20 feet into the air and catches the wild hunters.

Expedition Everest: one of Disney’s most exciting roller coaster experiences. The expedition to Everest gives life to the legend of the Yeti. It’s hard not to notice that the impressive mountains of Disney’s Animal Kingdom are in Asia, but the trip is easier if you’re not a roller coaster. The roller coaster offers steep slopes, incredible falls and even backward slides, which makes it impressive.

It’s tough to be a Bug! Do bugs have a difficult life? If you ask the insect branches that appear in the Tree of Disney Life Theater in Animal Kingdom, you will get an answer. There is an error in the interior that is not appreciated. Special effects, three-dimensional animation and animatronic characters make it “hard to be a mistake”. While waiting for the entrance to the theater, you twist between the wrinkled roots and pick up the glasses. Inside the theater, special seats and roofs covered with vines are a scene for the intelligent demonstration of the life of beetles, which is often misunderstood.

Tricera Top Spin: If your children love dinosaurs, they will love Tricera Top Spin at DinoLand USA at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Although Tricera Top Spin is suitable for all ages, strange dinosaurs function like Dumbo, elephants fly to Disney Kingdom Magic, old favorites and smooth trips to smaller guests in the garden.

Mo’ara Valley: in the valley of Mo’ara in Pandora, do a climb that you never did. You see floating mountains and luminous plants (yes, you read them correctly). On the way you will also find shops and restaurants that cannot be distinguished from the Animal Kingdom. It is a complete adventure in a different world.

What Animal Kingdom Do I Need To Do FastPass?

Safari Kilimanjaro is by far the best trip to FastPass + in Animal Kingdom outside of Pandora. Second, Safari Kilimanjaro is a long trip (20 to 30 minutes), and while driving, you can check the waiting time for other trips (DINOSAUR, Everest Expedition, River Rapids River).

Animals Kingdom with Toddlers

Toddlers on vacation at Disney World have many fun things to do. Animal Kingdom offers plenty of space for young children to run and explore. Even the Tree of Life entertains the children to show what animals they see there! Go to

  • Island of discovery. The first area in which you enter the Oasis is Discovery Island.
  • DinoLand USA. DinoLand USA is a sacred cup for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Pandora – avatar world.
  • Kilimanjaro Safari. Discover the wild nature, children see monkeys swinging and happy.

Animal Kingdom for Seniors

Senior people have different expectations from Walt Disney World than the multitude of young visitors who visit the park every day. Attractions that senior people enjoy include:

  • Kilimanjaro Safaris: You can be deceived during a tour of this African habitat.
  • It’s tough to be a Bug – O.K. It’s just fun and it will take you back to the fantasy world that we all value in all things Disney.
  • King Lion Festival: probably the best theatrical performance at the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Find Nemo – The Musical – Another incredible performance on stage. This is reinforced by the use of highly artistic puppeteers and puppeteers who work together on stage.
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek – If you like animals and you are interested in Asian culture, this is an attraction for you.

Animal Kingdom While Pregnancy

Disney’s Animal Kingdom rides and attractions during pregnancy:

  • Na’vi river journey in Pandora – Mundo Avatar
  • Live entertainment
  • Night show of the rivers of light
  • Train ride to the conservation station
  • Tricera Top Spin
  • observation of animal tracks
  • Festival of the Lion King
  • UP! A great bird adventure (show)
  • Find Nemo the musical.
  • It is tough to be a bug 3D.

Animal Kingdom with Special Needs

The Walt Disney World Resort offers many accommodations for people with reduced mobility, visually impaired and deaf people. Check their homepage for details.

Animal Kingdom Tips

  • Treat it like an all-day park; Come to the park and know that at some point you will be waiting for your favorite attractions. Take some time to drive through Oasis Exhibit, Forest Pangani and Discovery Island Trails.
  • Have an attack plan; Do not just go to this park, but go to the Disney park with an idea of ​​what you want to do first.
  • Fast pass; Start at Dino Land and get other quick information about the safari at Kilimanjaro five minutes later, it does not make sense. Get a map of the park online and discover what attractions you want to see and plan accordingly.
  • Rafikis Planet Watch; It is also a great opportunity to reduce the weight of standing during the day. You can also meet Rafiki directly if you’re lucky.
  • Think quick As soon as you are interested and scan the Quick Pass, you can request a different Pass.

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