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Disney Epcot is a theme park located at the Walt Disney World Resort at the Bay Lake, in Florida. The park is owned by the Walt Disney World Company and is managed by the Parks, Products division and Experiences.

What Is Epcot?

Inspired by the unnoticed concept developed by Walt Disney, it was opened on October 1, 1982, as the EPCOT Center and is the second of the four Disney theme parks built at Walt Disney World after the Kingdom of Magic. Many people come here for their Disney World vacation.

Epcot schedule

If you are planning a Disney vacation to Epcot, you can be sure about the schedule:

    • Future World opens at 9:00 am and ends at 9:00 pm, maybe at 9:30 pm at peak times.
    • World Showcase will open at 11:00 am and close at 9:00 p.m. The lighting will be displayed at this time.

Extra Magic Hours

Epcot has hours of extra magic. On some days, the park opens an hour before or remains open for guests of the Disney World Resort (Hotel) until three hours have passed. This is the right time to beat the crowd and travel on the most popular rides without queues (or at least long lines). Even this year, it is important to plan a change to Epcot without being in the queue. Lines in the legendary Epcot. In the Soarin’ lines, it usually takes more than an hour.

Things To Do At Epcot

Illuminations: the Earth’s Reflection: Walt Disney World Resort knows how to make a fireworks display. Epcot illumination and the reflection of the Earth are not different. This event leads through the interpretation of the birth of the earth, the victory of life and ends by telling a story of hope for our future. The best thing about this program is that it starts at World Showcase Lagoon, so you can watch shows through the lagoon. Seeing reflections in the water increases the beauty of fireworks and special effects.

Visit Seas with Nemo and Friends: The Sea with Nemo & Friends is a fun and relaxing trip for the whole family. Climb the shells and you can locate Nemo. The company has done a great job on this trip, showing Nemo and friends in a real aquarium that houses native fish. After the trip, there are several aquariums where you can sight beautiful sea fish which show an unusual creativity of God. Your children will really enjoy the aquarium and this attraction. We recommend it for the families having small children on Disney vacation.

World Showcase: Disney World vacation to the World Showcase; Epcot Center offers everyone the opportunity to meet eleven other countries around the world, including Germany, China, France, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Mexico, and Canada. Disney players come from the nations that they represent to make everything more authentic. You have also done an extraordinary job in designing each space and you feel as you are not on this earth. Also, a lot of countries offer films, shows or walks to learn more about each country. World Showcase happens to be a place where you can find food at Epcot. Every country has authentic food. In most countries there are fast food and sit down restaurants.

The Captain EO: If you are searching for a place where you can stay away from the heat on your Disney vacation, explore this Disney world package by going with the EO captain and his team to explore the strange world. It is in a 3 D studio with special effects and high digital sound. It is very nicely done and worth watching. It began with the landing on an alien planet also met with the Dark Side Supreme Leader. Head south, the captain of the EO and his team must find a way to win the forces of darkness.

American Adventure: on your Disney World vacation Explore this Disney vacation packages through the history of the United States and visit the American Adventure Stage display. This event lasts about half an hour and is worth a visiting. Also, Ben Franklin and Mark Twain will guide you all through the important moments in the history of the United States. You listen to people like Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr. and many more. Also, they will talk to you of the idealism of American individualism, innovation, independence, and autonomy.

The Maelstrom: this attraction is an adventure on a boat trip, which takes place on the Nordic warships of the tenth century. Get ready for the heavy North Sea, and water will be filled around various things. So be ready for a fall of three points. Your internal Viking and Maelstrom channel, which is found in Epcot’s World Showcase.

Earth Spaceship Earth: Spaceship Earth is located in the iconic Epcot geodesic dome. The line of the spacecraft seems to be much shorter in the morning when it enters the park than later. Drivers drive to go back in time and examine how communication has changed. It started with cavemen and women and continued this story to this day.

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Epcot Character

You can meet the characters in their countries. How big is it? Let’s meet with our friends.

Legacy Plaza West: the most famous icon of Epcot is the spaceship of the Earth. As soon as you enter the park, point to the right. They will meet Daisy with all her friends. This is a fantastic start for today. It will make you and your family experience Epcot.

Epcot Character Spot: this is the mother of all places in Epcot Park. It contains seven favorite characters, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. It is divided into three areas (in two buildings) and cannot be ignored due to the characters. You can find it in Future World on the right side of a large fountain.

First, visit the Hiro Workshop to meet with your personal health partner Baymax and your patient Hiro. In fact, Baymax will always be there, but Hiro is on the way. These are two great Big Hero 6 characters that you cannot find anywhere else.

The Disney Pixar movie Inside Out was a big hit when it hit theaters. Everyone wants to know what happened to Riley’s 11-year-old head. If Inside Out is one of the family favorites, head to headquarters to enjoy the joy and sadness.

Do not forget the classic Disney characters. The new films are incredible, but who does not like to know characters raised by fathers and mothers? Here you can meet Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy.

Epcot Attractions

The American Adventure – The American Adventure is an action assembled by Audio-Animatronics, which shows the most important moments in the history of America. The scenes are detailed, informative and impressive when created from the stage.

Gran Fiesta Tour – Boat trips with three Knights and Mexican culture as a backdrop for the search for Donald Duck. This makes the list mainly diverse and convenient: it is one of the two World Showcase Rides and the only one that does not have a regular waiting time.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends – A dark journey in the Seas pavilion with Finding Nemo’s Heroes trying to find Nemo. Use different technologies, and the best scene is to hunt frogs and display fish in the Living Seas aquarium.

Mission: Space: exciting driving simulator, where guests collide on Mars. There are two versions: green or orange. This is probably the most unpopular Disney ride, but the orange version is fun if you keep it.

Spaceship Earth: a slow and dark journey through animatronic audio scenes, illustrates the evolution of interpersonal communication (in general, speaks of technological innovations) in Epcot’s cult space.

Turtle Talk with Crush, children interact with Crush with Finding Nemo at the attractions on the screen that mimics the water tank. The interaction has to do with children, and the “Character of life” is very good for children (very interesting technology).

Epcot Fireworks

Illuminations: Reflections on Earth: experience the past, present and future of the Earth in this incredible fireworks display that celebrates the spirit of humanity. After 20 years of extraordinary operation, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth will take its last show is on September 30, 2019. Lighting is the largest fireworks in the history of mankind. In fact, this also applies to the history of humanity, humanity and our vision of the future. These abstract themes are easy to miss, but the beautiful soundtrack makes up for it. It will be interesting for anyone who likes firecrackers and will be attractive to smarter guests because of the music, the symbolism, and the theme.

Epcot Fast Pass

You will save more time if you choose Frozen as a FastPass order, such as Soarin’ or Test Track.

  • Soarin’ Around the World: a popular kite simulator that offers excellent flights to several interesting places around the world.
  • Test track: the guests design the SimCar and then drive a test vehicle to see how they compare in the “grid” with the prototype they have designed and with the speed test.

Epcot With Toddlers

Best attractions when with toddlers at you Disney World vacation

  • Journey into imagination with figment.
  • Captain EO
  • The cycle of life
  • Sun shine seasons
  • Ellen Energy Adventure – This trip can also be seen later after the Cosmic Earth.
  • Entrance to Epcot: arrival at the Epcot entrance 30 minutes before the opening
  • Soarin
  • Live with the country

Epcot For Senior

Let’s see Top 5 attractions Epcot for seniors at Disney vacation:

  • Soarin’ – Perhaps the most popular attraction in Epcot is also a very old and friendly attraction.
  • Spaceship Earth: a great way to start a visit for seniors at Epcot. It’s a relaxing, informative and entertaining way to get acquainted with the history of communication and set the tone for the rest of the visit.
  • The American Adventure Show: The biggest criticism I’ve heard about this show is too patriotic.
  • O Canada – We cannot forget our beautiful northern neighbor.
  • Impressions De France: if you like travel photography and fun music, you will love this attraction.

Epcot During Pregnancy

Epcot attractions during pregnancy on Disney World vacation:

  • Spaceship of the Earth
  • Sea with Nemo and friends
  • Talk About Turtle With Crush
  • Soarin
  • Live with the country
  • Travel to the imagination with a drawing.
  • Short films of Disney and Pixar (films with seats)
  • Area of ​​the training laboratory of the space mission.
  • A great party tour with the three gentlemen.
  • Always frozen
  • Phineas and Ferb: the agent of the global showcase adventure of Ps
  • Reflection from China (movie Circle Vision – standing)
  • American adventure
  • Impressions of France (films and chairs)
  • Canada! (Circle Vision Film – standing)
  • World exhibition of the gallery and exhibition
  • Fireworks lighting

Epcot With Special Needs

Walt Disney World Resort offers a range of services that help guests with cognitive disabilities. All EPCOT attractions are available, but some require transfers (from electric or ECV wheelchairs to standard wheelchairs or wheelchairs to standard vehicles). Special attractions for guests with special needs are Mission: Space, Soarin’ and Honey I Shrunk the Audience.

Epcot Tips

  1. Put on comfortable shoes: Disney Epcot is twice as big as Magic Kingdom. Prepare to run a lot. Rent a stroller, even if your preschooler is too big.
  2. Arrive early: As with all Disney theme parks, many people gather at Epcot throughout the day. Pay to get up early and get there at opening hours (or earlier, when the park has an additional magic hour). In this way you can experience the most popular attractions and rides without getting to wait.
  3. Return to the World Exposition for dinner: if you want to know a rural kitchen just for lunch, you can try another one for dinner. Walk through the window in an informal way to see live artists such as acrobats in China or pantomime in France.
  4. Stay for fireworks: a nap here can be useful. Spectacular fireworks shows at night are a must. Arrive early to have a good perspective.
  5. Use FastPass + sensibly: take the time to visit three main attractions before going to the park. The FastPass + is available for the mission: Space. Soarin’ test track; and always frozen.
  6. Stay close: if Epcot is on the priority list, you must choose the closest hotel. Epcot and Hollywood Studios are served by water taxis to and from Boardwalk Inn, Beach Club Resort, Yacht Club Resort and Swan and Dolphin Resorts. At Epcot, a water taxi goes to the back entrance of the World Showcase near the France Pavilion.
  7. Order dinner and lunch: Epcot’s World Showcase gives some of the best Disney World restaurants for dinner and lunch. First, order a table and you will not be dismantled.
  8. Pause for lunch: if you arrive too early, your army may, at some point, spend time at lunch. Return to the hotel in Orlando, get a few hours of rest and even take a nap.
  9. Do not miss a little attraction: Epcot offers many interesting and smart attractions for young people, including Honey and Turtle Talk with Crush and Shrunk the Kids. You will not want to miss the Earth’s spaceship, traveling in the cult geosphere that rises above the entrance to the park.

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