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Disney Typhoon Lagoon, one of two water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, offers attractions for all families, from quick water slides to kiddie rides in a pint. Watch 6 feet of surf in the surf pool and dive into a real shark reef shark. The Disney Typhoon Lagoon water park is a water sports venue of all ages. In addition to the incredible water slides, you will love the slow rivers, the wave pools and the playgrounds for children! On your Disney World vacation.

If you are on your Disney World vacation with children in elementary school and heavy swimmers, you should visit Typhoon Lagoon. Wave pool in the water park is interesting for large children and teenagers, but this will annoy small and small children.

This water park is also home to Shark Reef, this is one of Disney’s most interesting and unique rides. Visitors dive in the pool with a true underwater life, including some small sharks. It is an attraction ideal for animal lovers and for big children who know how to swim. Snorkel is offered with an easy and quick orientation. Also for animal lovers and adventure lovers, the Shark Reef makes this water park one that is not to be missed on your Disney vacation.

What Is Typhoon Lagoon Water Park?

This is a water park at the Walt Disney World Resort at Lake Buena Vista, Florida, at Orlando. It is one of its two water parks in this complex. This is the second of its water park open in the resort, across from Disney’s River Country, that was closed in November year 2001.

The cyclone lagoon is similar to Blizzard Beach. Eleven slides and streams, some of which have a length of up to 420 feet, fell from a 100-meter mountain created by man. The landscape and theme of Typhoon offer wet walks of interest and adventure.

Disney vacation guess enter the Typhoon Lagoon through a rainforest of fog, and then emerge in a devastated tropical city that offers concessions and services. A special set makes each swimmer’s walk find bat caves, lagoons and ponds, rotating stones, dinosaur bones and many other things that cannot be found.

Typhoon Lagoon has its own parking lot, but no accommodation. The guests of the Disney resorts that travel to the water park using the Disney buses are quite complicated. First, guests must take a bus from the resort to Disney Springs, and then a second bus across the street to Typhoon Lagoon. To go back, reverse the process. If you use all the features of Typhoon Lagoon, the entry is a reasonable value. If you choose the slides first, you only have two hours in the morning to enjoy them before the wait becomes unbearable.

This water park offers aquatic adventure for all ages. The pool for small children and families offers geysers, soft slides, jets and fountains. For the older and more daring, there are closed slides of Humunga Kowabunga, rafting slides and three rafting trips: Gangplank Waterfalls, Keelhaul Waterfalls and Mayday Waterfall. Crush ‘n’ Gusher, known as the “roller coaster of water”, consists of a series of canals and channels that flow through abandoned tropical fruit processing plants. It has a hose for one or two people and you can choose between three different routes: banana, coconut and pineapple crusher from 410 to 420 feet long. Miss Adventure Falls is a long trip with a family raft in which you cannot take more steps. Large transporters carry the raft after driving. Only the Crush’n’Gusher and Humunga Kowabunga speed gliders require a minimum height of 48 inches.

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Schedule

Disney has two of the best water parks in the world. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. They usually open at 9:00 in the spring and summer and at 10:00 in the winter. In summer they remain open until 9:00 p.m. and in winter they close at 5:00 p.m. Typhoon Lagoon is closed for renovations in December and the first week of January. Blizzard Beach is closed from mid-January to early March. The additional magic hours are an advantage for Disney Resort guests who want to spend more time in the park. The normal Disney World watch is extended. Some days you can enter the park one hour before or stay up to 3 hours after closing the park for other guests.

In most cases, the clock and the crowd are balanced, so there are not many guests and only one day to see everything. Easter and Sunday warnings are an exception when the crowd is high, but the hours are still limited to seven or eight hours. If you live in one of the Disney hotels, you can join the Magic Hour Extra Park one hour before the opening hours are published or stay up to 3 hours after closing. The different parks have different dates and times.

Two Disney World water parks are seasonal and will be reorganized on the coldest days. When the weather is fine, at least one park is open every day of the year, and both are open from March to October (approximately). Typhoon Lagoon will be closed from March 6 to 16, 2019. It will reopen on March 17. We hope that the remaining part of this year remains open. However, it is always possible that repair work is replaced with Blizzard Beach and closed in the fall.

Things To Do At Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is the right place to enjoy the sun. Swim, wake up the sand castle and dive with sharks, rays and tropical fish on the coral reefs. TL is one of the 2 Disney World water parks available with additional tickets to the Fun & More water park.

Crush’n’Gusher Slides: Simple, double or triple trip! Choose a pineapple, coconut or banana channel! These slides lead to a quiet, shallow pool where children can swim while waiting for it. The pool is also monitored.

Shark Reef: after 3 minutes of lessons, how to use the snorkel, swim more than 300,000 gallons of salt water. You are swimming in this huge 10-meter aquarium, observing rays, tropical fish (Nemo and Dory!), And even Leopard Sharks and Hammers. There are also life jackets for children. This is good for children over 5 years old.

The largest wave pool in America: the big waves that resemble the sea are at the heart of this tropical paradise. When you hear a big bang, be careful! A 7-foot wave kicks all day! Every 30 minutes there are big waves for about 10 minutes. Watch the little children when this wave turns! My children like to jump on the waves and take them to the sandy beach.

Gangplank Falls: 300 meter water slide with 4 people. The whole family gathered under waterfalls, bridges and caves!

Keelhaul fall: a single slide is free. My children are driving, they are 6 and 7 years old, they do not wet their faces and the coastguard catches the hose at the bottom.

Ketcha-Kiddie Creek: take the subway and swim in the river that surrounds the park. It is a relaxing way to see the park, drive from one place to another and relax, waiting for the family to go with their favorite slides.

Mayday Falls: Take one of the most intense trips. It is the highest and longest sliding tube. Teens and adults will enjoy this wild ride!

Mayday Mountain: 214 feet at a 60 degree angle! In Mayday there are 3 slides for large children, teenagers and adults. You will not know what will happen in the dark, five floors.

RELAX! TL has many white sand beaches in the park. They cover the sand with a gazebo, where small children can play with sand toys and sun beds on the edge of the pool with waves to relax and sunbathe. You can also bring toys from the sand to the park!

Bay Slides: Toddlers and young children will enjoy these two slides. Parents can catch them down when they leave.

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Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Rides

The Typhoon Lagoon has no shortages of pleasure or excitement, and there is something for every experience and experience. From a day of rest on the river to an exciting cruise with a waterfall, Typhoon Lagoon is here to give you the speed you need for a perfect day.

Crush ‘n’ Gusher: Fly alone or with a friend on a 400 meter long slide, which is clearly referred to as a pineapple plunger, coconut crusher or Banana Blaster.

Gangplank Fall: this four-person ride is ideal for the whole family and offers more than 300 feet of slides with wet waterfalls. This is a raft of medium intensity in the Typhoon Lagoon.

Surf Pool: in most water parks, a wave pool is something that can be cooled. In Typhoon Lagoon it is a pleasant experience. The waves are moderate during normal hours. After hours, you can really follow them.

Humunga Kowabunga: Get away in the dark 60 degrees in the dark to get the best impression! Look at the shocking ending.

Keelhaul Waterfall: the Keelhaul waterfall, the most intense rafting in the cyclone lagoon, gently surpasses the caves and waterfalls surrounded by palm trees and large rocks.

Mayday Falls: Mayday Falls is one of the most intense rafting trips in Typhoon, and takes you on a subway trip that starts in Mayday.

Miss Adventure Falls: this family raft is our favorite attraction in one of Disney’s water parks. It’s a combination of fun animatronics, cool accessories and a complete spray experience. And we love everything we can all together! Must be

Storm Slide: A trio of sinuous slides (Jib Jammer, Stern Burner or Rudder Buster) leads gently through three floors to the end of the waterfall.

Castaway Creek: A nice lazy river, right? Kick your legs when you relax on the tube along the beautiful river and lie in the sun.

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park With Toddlers

Although Typhoon lagoon is not as big as the children’s section at Blizzard Beach, it still offers a fantastic field of toddlers where they can play.

Bay Slides: In isolation to the children’s area, the Bay Slides are conveniently located near the wave pool and are ideal for sunbathing or bathing in the waves. Children under five feet can use this “beginner slide”, a mini version of the thrilling storm slide.

Ketchakiddee: children under 4 feet are welcome in this water wonder land. This includes:

  • Cave with a waterfall
  • Cute animal statue
  • Mini slides side by side
  • Mini tubular slide
  • Crawling chutes
  • Fountain in the form of an animal

What Are The Characters In The Typhoon Lagoon Water Park?

Lilo and Stitch in Typhoon Lagoon: For a Disney World vacation, join Lilo and Stitch and enjoy the tropical atmosphere of the island with Caribbean food at the Disney World Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Toy Story: Guests can join their favorite “Toy Story” characters in Disney’s H2O Glow Nights, a new and exciting evening pool party at the Disney Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park With Special Needs

Walt Disney World Resort offers a range of services that help guests with cognitive disabilities, including those who maximize their experience in Autism Spectrum. The services include:

The services include:

  • Change the driver
  • Access to tourist attractions.
  • Destroy the area
  • Enlargement of the entrance for an entrance.
  • Rental of wheelchairs
  • The train is like the seat of a pineapple toilet.
  • The guides are useful for the attractions and the general experience of the resort.
  • Accommodation with diet

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Tips

  • Relax with the help of water shoes, if you want to spend a day or two at the water park. Although they look fun, they are worth it and are much easier than keeping the flip-flops under Crush ‘n’ Gusher. The most important thing is that if you are climbing the next day in the Magic Kingdom, you must protect these feet!
  • Bring your own supplies instead of renting or buying locally. As a family, you save a lot of money if you bring your own towels (even from the hotels!) Instead of borrowing them. Make sure you can fill and bring other products, such as sunscreen, to your local grocery store, so you do not have to pay for the convenience of the place.
  • Arrive early, especially if you drive a car or need more beach chairs. The parking lot is smaller and fills up quickly on busy days. Although there are enough hammocks, the best spots (especially for groups of two or more) are available within an hour after opening the park.
  • Take the cheapest sunglasses with you! Leap quickly learned the lesson when he lost the color of his most recent frog due to the cold. Buy a $ 5 glass at the pharmacy for your underwater adventure.
  • Always remember to stay hydrated: This is our most serious suggestion. Nothing can ruin your day, as if you were completely exhausted by the sun. Drink lots of water to have fun throughout the day.

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